Tan Aftercare Directions

Posted on Tuesday, 29 Oct 2013 03:15 PM by Innovative Esthetics



An Airbrush Tan can be a beautiful thing if you take care of it properly.  We listed some helpful things to help you keep your tan looking great. Please try to follow the list of suggestions as best as you can.


Do not shower for 8-12 hours.  Showering before you tan develops can result in patchiness.   Some areas take a longer time for the tan to develop, so if you shower too early, some areas may have developed the tan and other areas might not have developed yet.  It is important to wear loose clothing after you get sprayed and until you take your first shower. We recommend not wearing a bra after first being sprayed.  Also, jeans are NOT recommended until after your first shower.   Denim soaks up the tanning solution.


When you do shower, allow the water to sheet over you.   This sheeting action is the final step that smoothes out the tan and smoothes out any marks that your clothes may have caused.   When you shower, you will see a tea color in the tub – this is the color guide we used to see where we were spraying you.  This is not your tan washing off.  It is important that you rinse off all the color guide when you shower, otherwise you risk creating streaks in your tan. 


Avoid lathering yourself up or rubbing in the shower.  Use little soap.   The fewer drying products you put on your skin the better.


Use our glow stretcher .   It keeps your tan moisturized and has the same ingredient (DHA) as our spray tan, so it gradually adds a little color back to your tan as it fades, helps your tan look better longer and extends the tan and helps the tan fade out like a real tan. 


Avoid heavy sweating while you are waiting for your tan to develop before your first shower (8-10 hours).    Do not workout before your first shower.


Take a shower no longer than 15 hours after your tan.  Waiting too long can alter your tan. 


Call us if you have any problems with your tan.  Call us after your first shower.   You will not be able to see the final results of your tan before your shower.


Use moisturizer daily with your tan.


Use sunscreen when you are in the sun.  Do not rub the sunscreen on excessively.  This will cause patchiness in your tan.  We recommend a Spray Sunscreen. 


It is okay to shave, but shaving will exfoliate the tan quicker. 


Things that can exfoliate your tan:


Taking a bath,   Using an exfoliant product,   Saunas and steam rooms,   Salt water,  Anything that will dry out skin


When you are ready to exfoliate your skin and remove the tan – taking a bath in baking soda will lift the tan.   After your bath use a wet washcloth and gently rub the areas you want to remove the tan. 


Fading – As with any self tanner you will notice it fading.   To keep patchiness to a minimum, we suggest following the guidelines above and only going a couple of shades darker than your natural color.


Hands – we recommend sleeping with socks on your hands if you wait overnight for your first shower.  You could inadvertently touch a part of your body and you don’t want tan palms!


Enjoy your tan.  Thank you, we appreciate your business!!!